“Murderous Black Animals Killing White Humans” from Incog Man the idiot in chief of his blog.

These are the assholes that inhabit Incog Man’s site and have their heads buried up his ass. He stopped me from commenting because I didn’t properly answer these kinds of comments. It’s a site run by and inhabited by complete idiots.

There is a new comment on the post “Murderous Black Animals Killing White Humans”. http://incogman.net/11/2011/murderous-black-animals-killing-white-humans/ Author: S O G Comment: bob we know you are still lurking the halls of incogs land and are watching thru your yellowed pedophile coke bottle bottom glasses …heh heh .. CONCERNING SARAH ZIO PALIN ,,she is a puppet and gets crazy doped up ziopaths to do her shooting for her and her ilk …do you 2 conversate on some transgender blog spot chat room,,,cheeky….enjoy spamblinka with all the other fake hebrew good for nothing ashkenazzis…..you can bone up on your yiddish while encarcerated…stupid zionista…..you can apply for reparations when you get out and fly with eschiel dickstein on wings of eagles to the great OCCUPY ISRAEL now in squating residence for 65 years ,,the longest occupy squat to date… i think they stole the idea from those people we often see occupying alleys and corners with liquor bottles in their possession ,protesting sobriety …bon voyage bobby ,dont forget to set your memory alarm to change your depends ,,,aight ..its likely we will all be rotting on the earth if the inxsane jews keep being allowed to run free …..iran here we come …..alot of jews in israel know that an attack on iran using nato and usa troops would be suicide …..they should be very careful ,very careful as it was ehud barak and e ohlmert and binnie nettinyahew with the likud party that OFFED shitsack rabin for half steppin ….. IN FACT THEESE reticent jews should perform a coup d etat against these galishiners of palestine as a preemptive attack since all the askenazzis and sepfartics who oppose the current jew satanik israel protocol will be murdered by the likud party soon ….its what they do ,,or better known as hot to kosherize a turd …how to remove the zio turds from the world punchbowl……zio cancelling zen combat ,,,locating the vulnerable zio nerve centers and neutralizie them and their lying brainwashing indoctrinations and their very real and current medical chemical atack on us and the children ……jews bring depleted uranium and fuckashima and now want to lay waste to iran which has a right to nuclear capabilities ,,and this too will spread more deadly uranium thruout the world …ISRAEL MUST BE STOPPED DEAD … if you look at the yiddish language ,tou can see that it is a language made up of other languages that that the ashkenazzi stole from all the areas they lived in ….even the crack of dawn isnt safe from the ashkenazzi rapists of the world See all comments on this post here: http://incogman.net/11/2011/murderous-black-animals-killing-white-humans/#comments

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